Schizophrenia Self Test

This online test should not be used for diagnosis. It cannot confirm if you have Schizophrenia or not. Only a doctor or a mental health expert can really figure out what you should do next.

However, you can use this test to monitor your symptoms and help your doctor see if your behavior changes between visits. This test can show if you might have common Schizophrenia symptoms, but it can't give a complete checkup.

You shouldn't use this test to diagnose yourself or choose a treatment on your own.

Understanding Different Realities

Sometimes, people might see or hear things that aren’t there for others. This can be confusing and a bit scary. It's like reading a book and imagining the story, except you're not reading, and it feels real. For some, this happens more often and not just when they're falling asleep or daydreaming. It’s important to know that this doesn’t make anyone bad or wrong; it's just a sign that they might need to talk to someone who can help.

Keeping Track of Thoughts

Have you ever had so many thoughts rushing through your head that it felt hard to catch them all? Or maybe it seemed like your thoughts were jumping from one thing to another really fast. For some people, this happens a lot, and it makes it hard for them to focus or stay on track with a conversation. It’s like trying to watch a movie that keeps skipping scenes without a pause button.

Feeling the Highs and Lows

Emotions are a big part of who we are, but sometimes, they can feel really intense or hard to control. Imagine feeling super scared or worried without knowing why, or feeling really down without a reason you can point to. For some, these feelings might come and go a lot, making everyday things feel tougher. It’s okay to have strong feelings, but when they start to make daily life really hard, it's a good idea to talk to someone about it.

Connecting with Others

Making friends and hanging out can be a lot of fun, but for some, it might feel really hard. They might feel like they're all alone, even when they’re with people, or they might find it tough to trust others. It's like wanting to join a game but feeling like there's an invisible wall keeping you out. Everyone feels lonely or left out sometimes, but reaching out for help can make a big difference if someone feels this way a lot.